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How to create your Store

This guide will help you get started with the uksy Marketplace. We will walk you through each step and explain what they mean.

Choosing A Plan

The first thing you will need to do is head to the Vendor Membership page.
On this page you will see three different plans

  • Free
  • uksy+ Monthly
  • uksy+ Yearly

The Free plan is perfect to quickly get your Store online and get your first sales.

The Free plan allows you to create and sell unlimited products with just a 5% commission on each item sold.

There’s no other fees involved. We don’t charge listing fees, transaction fees or final sale fees.

uksy+ Monthly is our paid plan and comes with all the features of the Free plan but we don’t take any commission on your sales. So for £5/Month you get 100% of your sales. We think this plan is perfect if you’re already an established seller or expecting to sell more than 5/10 items.

uksy+ Yearly is uksy+ but it’s paid for in one transaction meaning you can save £10 on the plan for the whole year.

Once you’ve chosen your plan you will be asked to enter your details.

  • Email (If you have a business email, use this)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Store Name (The name you’d like to appear on your Store Page)
  • Password

Once you’ve entered your details you can proceed to the next page.

The next page will give you an overview of the plan you have selected, if you’re happy you can proceed to the next page.

(If you have chosen uksy+ you will be directed to PayPal to complete your purchase)

Store Setup

Now you have completed the registration you will see the  “Store Setup Wizard” which will help you setup your Store.

(You can skip the Setup Wizard but we recommend completing it)

Once you’re ready you can press the “Lets go!” button.

  • Store Logo

Here you can upload the logo you’d like displayed on your Store page

  • Banner

The banner is the image displayed across the top of the Store page.

  • Shop Name

You can update the Store name here.

  • Phone and Address

Enter your phone number and address for your Store. (These details can be hidden from the Store page if you sell your creations from home.

  • Shop Description

Here you can enter a quick overview of what you sell and what your Store is about.

Press “continue” to go to the next page.

Payment Setup

This is the PayPal email address you’d like to use to receive your payments.

Press “continue” to go to the next page.

Policy Setup

Here you can set your Shipping, Refund and Returns Policy.

Your Policies should be clear and easy to read.

Press “continue” to go to the next page.

Support Setup

Providing good Customer Support to your buyers is very important to running a successful Store on uksy.

On this page you will see several options for your buyers to contact you.

We suggest at minimum to include an email and number.

Press “continue” to go to the next page.

Store SEO Setup

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an important step and shouldn’t be skipped. SEO is what will get your Store organic visitors from Search Engines etc.

Here you can include custom Titles and Descriptions and also a list of keywords related to your Store.

Press “continue” to go to the next page.

Store Social Setup

Here you can add all your Social Profiles.

You must include the full link and not just the username.

We are done!

Now you have completed the Store Wizard you can explore your Dashboard and start to add your products.

In the next post we will go over the creation and publication of products to your store.

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